The Power of Mentors

Many articles, books, entrepreneurs, and other professionals will recommend surrounding yourself with optimistic individuals who are successful. Twenty-year-old Taurice Bussey's parents also followed that advice.

"The power of mentors was a big confidence booster for me," he said. "I eventually got to the point mentally and emotionally where I said it?s riskier for me to continue living out someone else?s version of my life than it was for me to take charge of my own life and chase my dreams."

Connie Lanzl, president of JA of Upstate South Carolina, shared Taurice's story and his strong JA connection. With business owners, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers and millionaires around him, Taurice was exposed to their confidence, determination, and trappings of success?all of which felt new to him. He described what inspired him.

"What that does is challenge everyone on your team or in your business to step back and look at something from an entirely different perspective," Taurice said. "That can't do anything but make you grow, become well-rounded, and more knowledgeable about your customer base and about your industry. I thought a lot of my success just depended on me and my company but a lot of it really depends on what your competition is doing."

Taurice is a JA Titan alumnus. He spoke at the fifth annual JA Titan Challenge in Greenville, S.C., which comprised more than 100 high school students. Taurice is currently taking online college courses, his business have expanded, and he is investing in commercial real estate. His long term goal is to open a nonprofit hospital.

He is now the president and CEO of TB Allen and Associates, a business consulting firm bases out of Greenville. Taurice's message to other students is, "Now is always the right time to chase your dreams."

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