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Cory has been a volunteer with JA for only two years, but he's already got 17 completed classrooms under his belt! Cory won the award of "most classrooms taught" last year, as he taught nine in one year. This year, he is on track for receiving the same award. He has also been involved with our Business Challenge, Executive Business Challenge, Biz for Kids, and summer Camp for multiple years.

Cory has a great attitude and is awesome to work with. Many of his teachers describe him as energetic and enthusiastic in the classroom. Cory taught 3rd grade at Langlade last year, and his teacher, Jill, spoke kindly of him. Since he is a Langlade JA alum, he frequently reminded the kids that he was once in their shoes. As a teacher, Jill loved watching her students grasp those "teachable moments" with Cory.

Cory's favorite JA experience was also his most challenging. One of the classrooms he had been assigned had a teacher change mid-year, which made his teaching situation less than ideal. But he said, "Working through the bumps in the road and ultimately connecting with a group of students is what made it all worth it."

Cory was also brave enough to test our "blended" program at Franklin Middle School. As it was the first year Franklin Middle School used it, there were some issues. Cory worked through those as he understood the importance of going digital and his class was ultimately a success.

Cory graduated with a business degree, but he admits he loves the way teaching JA programs challenge and push him to develop skills that apply to both his professional and personal life. One teaching experience that he shared was about a 5th grade class at King Elementary. He was conducting mock interviews and added some of his own questions to see how the students would do. A very shy girl volunteered to come up and sit across from Cory during the interview. He could tell she was nervous, but as he worked with her, she started getting confident and did a great job.

Why does Cory take on so many programs each year for JA? He explains, "I truly believe in the JA programs & they are something I'll continue to support while I can. I'm also passionate about teaching and presenting, so this is the perfect outlet. Giving kids of all ages a practical introduction to business basics & money is extremely valuable, simply because there is a gap in what is covered in other traditional school classes. No matter what school or what grade I find myself teaching, I know I'm in for a completely new experience. I like to think it's a win-win for both groups involved; the kids get new, valuable information with a (hopefully) memorable experience, while I get to do something I really enjoy."

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